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Ground Support

Date: January 11th, 2013

Located on the Caribbean Island of St Kitts and Nevis,  the Leeward Flight Services FBO provide passengers and the aviation industry with a diverse range of FBO and aircraft dispatch services, including specialized and tailored services to accommodate operators and executives flying into St Kitts & Nevis in their private or corporate jets.

Our mission is to make arrivals, stopovers and departures as convenient and smooth as possible for passengers and crew, providing a customized spectrum of aircraft care services. These personalized service requirements are offered by professionals with good expertise, exceptional skills in servicing and understanding the importance of the business aviation world while remaining completed focused on guest satisfaction. The dedicated teams are hand-picked for their commitment to the job and are highly committed to their assignment and delivering assistance beyond expectation.

Our FBO provides a high-end executive hospitality and aviation center facility with internet access, telephone, fax, business equipment. Our unique  and state-of-art YU Lounges located in the FBO maintain the highest level of privacy and  discretion while catering to your  every needs. Our facilities include in-house customs and immigration processing, exclusive food & beverages services , complimentary newspapers and a wide variety of magazines all delivered with a personalized attention to detail and service.

At Leeward Flight Services (LFS), we also care for the visiting flight crew; our FBO has a dedicated crew rest lounge equipped with modern facilities and ready-to-help staff. All necessary preparations in connection with your flight will be efficiently handled as well as any specific pre-flight or post-landing requirements you may have.


Our Service range includes:

  • Quick aircraft turnarounds
  • Customs & immigration assistance
  • Passenger & crew assistance
  • Traffic rights & landing permits
  • Flight planning & weather – NOTAMs
  • Airport & airway slot coordination
  • Catering arrangements
  • Hotel Reservations Limousine & car rental
  • Fuelling arrangements
  • Aircraft charter reservation & Inter-Island Transfer

Our fully dedicated and friendly team-members are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. For an immediate  booking, simply use our Online Request form.

Online Tools
Online Tools
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